Why Use Video Content Marketing?


Video content marketing has become the most versatile method of promoting your product, whether it’s on your website or across social platforms. The ability to talk dixrectly to your customers and explain your service or product, either through tutorials, product descriptions or simple introductions, via a variety of video options is one of the most effective strategies a business can undertake.

It’s the perfect promotional tool, whether your business is straightforward and just needs to push the brand name or if your industry is more complex and requires more explanation through clever engaging video. It can also promote confidence and trust in your brand, showing professionalism and clarity in your business. 

There are many positive influences as a result of a well-produced video content marketing strategy. Some of these include:

  • Potential conversion increase
  • Increase in potential contacts
  • Increase in engagement across the site
  • Potential for better rankings due to Google association with Youtube
  • Increased engagement with mobile users (smartphone traffic is fast overtaking desktop usage online)
  • Animation videos or creative videos can help describe any topic or subject
  • Easy consumption compared to text
  • Encourages social shares through Facebook, Twitter etc.
  • Can be included within email marketing campaigns

Methods Of Engagement


Engagement is one of the biggest advantages you’ll receive from video content marketing. Video can build interest in your product more effectively than simple text can and there’s no denying that no one likes trawling through pages of text. Social engagement is a primary marketing method now, with the rise of social media and the power that it holds for many businesses, resulting in driving people to your site. 

With more engagement from mobile users, this can only be positive considering the sharp rise in traffic share between mobile devices now, compared to desktop computers. Mobile users engage with their devices consistently throughout the day and they interact with video content easily and frequently, helping to get your brand in front of as many people as possible, as often as possible. For customers on your site, the aim should always be to make things as easy as possible and consumption is key. 

With video content, engagement levels generally increase because it keeps the attention of the user for longer and no matter what your business is, by making the material more digestible and user-friendly, people will stay longer on your site.

The added MA value

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