Benefits of Email Marketing


Email marketing can be an incredible tool for creating interest in your business, offering a way to canvas hundreds or even thousands of potential customers from the click of a button. As technology is everywhere, with people checking their emails numerous times a day whether it be on their computer or through their mobile device, it’s now easier than ever to attract attention and get your product or service in front of the right people.

Benefits of Email Marketing

  • Environmentally friendly with paperless contact
  • Easy to track through CMS/management software
  • Personalise emails to targeted audience
  • Removes the need and costs associated with printed marketing
  • Distribute information to a wide range of people quickly
  • Targeted audience replies are likely to be quick due to prior consent
  • Could include video content marketing or graphical content to help engage audience
  • Effective compared with Facebook marketing - 90% of email is delivered to recipient’s inbox and opened. Dedicated signed up recipients have agreed to receive emails opposed to Facebook audiences who may ignore targeted marketing


Easily tracked and managed through marketing software, email marketing offers the opportunity to send bulk marketing out to targeted audience groups who could be potential customers for your business. By personalising your targeted emails you have a greater chance of seeing a return on your investment, along with a quicker reply rate than traditional direct mail. 

Getting Permission


Email marketing ideally needs a strong call to action and pitch-perfect copy in order to set the tone of the email and maintain the brand message you want to create. But when initially requesting for people to sign up to your emails for future campaigns, that strategy should focus on trust and clarity. 

By listing the benefits of what they’ll receive and offering an incentive (either through a prize draw initiative or free product or discounts) you are encouraging them to say yes, to receive your emails. Free downloads, white papers and update lists are all incentives which can help them say yes to your monthly newsletter or regular emails. By acquiring prior consent you are ensuring they whitelist you as well, which means you know that at the very least, your emails should get through to their inbox and be opened on a regular basis.

The added MA value

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