Working strategically together

We use a mix of design-thinking, collaborative workshops and sprints, and some very effective framing tools to solve problems, alter perceptions and drive growth. Here’s an overview of how we tend to work.

Start at the end

To ensure we don’t waste everyone’s time and money the initial focus is on objectives and the bigger picture. And on how we will measure success, because this won’t be a quick fix. It will be a long-term gain.


Testing assumptions

Once we’ve understood what success looks like, testing the water with qualitative research can help confirm or even subvert assumptions, prior to working on the strategy. Here we talk to employees, customers and other stakeholders.  


Unified thinking

We conduct engaging half-day workshops (and sometimes week-long sprints) to bring leading-lights within your organisation together, around the table, to play a role in how the strategic approach is formed. Their valued opinions, perspectives and support are vital to the success of any workshop or sprint. Together, we tease out the value and prioritise what’s important, creating aligned thinking and removing subjective obstacles as we go. By the end, everyone is clear, motivated and thinking as one.


Clarity from complexity

At the end of a workshop cycle, we have all the constituent parts needed for developing a compelling strategy to meet your objectives. We digest everything captured, forming a structural narrative in which to work from. Then apply design-thinking to develop a clear, easy to understand strategy which is presented to stakeholders, demonstrating how it can be consistently applied across internal touchpoints and via the best marketing channels.


Brought to life

Once the strategy is approved, we develop strong creative visuals to support key messages, whilst working with your marketing team to map out the customer journey. We help identify and create all creative assets required and ensure everything remains anchored to the original objectives and strategy.  


If you've got a brand, marketing or digital challenge that needs cracking, we'd love to hear from you.