QE Global

Following initial brand work in 2009 on a fledgling business union, we've continued to work closely with the QE Global team, developing a comms strategy for their ever-evolving LED lighting business and product range. Early challenges centered around building brand recognition within the industry, with emphasis on busting-myths around LED lighting and QE Global's capability.

Since then we've focussing our attentions on their robust product range and its attributes, feeding them directly into the comms strategy, where we were able to back up core features, advantages and of course savings to be made. Substantiation was delivered through a series of detailed sector-based case studies with plenty of facts and stats. However prospects saw the real value once they saw the LED products in action.

QE Global now boasts a product range that covers everything from spot lights through to street lights, ever-evolving, ever-developing. We're proud to have supported QE Global's ambitious growth, directly contributing to their business successes – Ensuring their team sold and customers bought with confidence, globally.



This beautiful glass 'piggy bank' forms part of a wider awareness campaign that focuses on the energy and financial savings made when switching to LED lighting, especially with high-usage premises like warehouses and franchises. When approaching this rather dry subject matter we wanted something that would get straight-to-the-point and, more importantly, be memorable... hence 'Piggy McPigface' as he's become affectionately named.