Catch the Unseen


This feel good Audi advert was created by Åkestam Holst, Stockholm, Sweden. To highlight that we tend to take the same old pictures of the same old objects from the same old places. So... Audi wanted to challenge this but at the same time promote the Quattro Q7, their powerful four-wheel drive. How did they go about it? well, Audi decided to create the Catch the Unseen, a first of its kind photo competition where people were challenged to take the photo furthest away from any other photo.

By connecting a custom made algorithm to Instagram, Audi were able to collect the metadata and map all the geo tagged Instagram photos that’s ever been shot. By uploading a photo with #CatchTheUnseen and @AudiSweden, the algorithm could find the nearest geotagged photo and reveal the distance to it. The winner was the one with the furthest distance. The advert and and thought process behind it is simply inspired, and its safe to say #weloveit. Check out the video below and also the Audi catch the unseen web page click here.