A Funeral Notice


We have been working with A Funeral Notice, to orchestrate a campaign to promote their elegant SMS text messaging service.

A Funeral Notice is a service that helps provide bereaved families and friends with all the information they need to come and pay their respects. Their services save time and stress, with one simple, elegant text.


We were challenged with the task of increasing traffic to the website. Masters Allen chose to strategically launch a Google Search campaign for A Funeral Notice, to generate more traffic to their website. The first step of this campaign was to improve the website; this step played an essential role in turning leads into sales.

When we began our collaboration with A Funeral Notice, their website was confusing, and it was unclear to website visitors what service was being offered. So, we created an animation making it extremely clear to the visitor what they would receive if they purchased from A Funeral Notice.

Once the website had been improved, we began work on the Google Search campaign. This process involved keyword research, copywriting, demographics and placements.

We ran the advert for a total of 6 weeks, throughout this period, we tweaked the bidding strategy, content and adjusted keywords.


We’re delighted to say that this campaign was a huge success. During the campaign we surpassed the target, achieving over 600% more clicks than expected. The client was delighted with the campaign and the information the advert highlighted.

Now we’re looking forward to contributing further towards our client’s growth and running more Google search campaigns for A Funeral Notice.