This is how you sell a 15-year-old car
Lee Johnson
Lee Johnson Designer Going north of the wallNot taking maximum points
Vedant Mistry
Vedant Mistry Developer The cut of a jibA thousand-yard stare
Comic Sans... ahhhhhh!!!
Creative architecture
Nvidia create 3D rendition
Gun safety advert
Honesty and transparency
What we consider important
Honesty and transparency
We're allergic to small print.
We just don't do hidden costs, techno-baffle
and smoke and mirrors. Playing such games
is never on the agenda; we're all about
cracking on with the job. 
So we're up-front, open and sincere; yep,
honesty is the best policy.
Ben Astill
Ben Astill Director Big manly chainsawsAngry looking dogs
Colourful city illustrations
Have a looklook at IKEA's bookbook
Mal Rooney
Mal Rooney Marketing Manager Well-oiled woodFools rushing in
OCD chef
Richard Gant
Richard Gant Financial Director Comedy moustachesSigning cheques
Engine Room
Rachel Penn
Rachel Penn Senior Designer The wind in her hairMen in half-mast trousers
Zoe Beeson
Zoe Beeson Account Director Exaggerating the size of thingsBiscuit dunking
The new Škoda Fabia ad..
Schoolboy error!
back 2 to 80s and 90s
Nitty Gritty
Perfect matches
Juanne Oliver-Jones
Juanne Oliver-Jones Finance Manager Order in her lifeUnnatural coloured drinks
Bench Mark
Infographic stereotypes
Tune In
Coal Face
If only it was real...
Long-term partnerships
What we consider important
Long-term partnerships
We're not fans of the one-night-stand here at
Masters Allen, oh no. We like our relationships
We retain our clients by becoming an integral
part of their business working alongside their
team: Collaboration, teamwork and
partnership all the way.
Tim Jarram
Tim Jarram Senior Developer Hitting a triple ringAll forms of sauce
The secret lives of superhero toys
What we consider important
We value both our industry
experience and our human experiences.
We don't leave real life at the door and enter
into a pretentious marketing bubble each
morning. We keep our human-ness and
allow it to infiltrate into creating the best
possible work.
Best (Lego) movie trailors
Sean Masters
Sean Masters Director Gloriously sunny daysThe sheer sight of celery
View Point
Never say no to panda
Un-animated logo that animates
Simel Kara
Simel Kara Account Manager Rocky style trainingMuppet violence
Passion and commitment
What we consider important
Passion and commitment
These days the word 'passion' has been
hijacked – everyone, it seems, is passionate
about, well, everything. We know the real
meaning, and we know that it's this that has
driven our business from strength to strength.
We genuinely love what we do; some of us
(we'll mention no names) are even a little
branding-obsessive, it's just the way we do things.
Jolly festive jumpers
We've developed Engine


We've developed Engine, a suite of tools and
techniques that we use to deliver against your
business challenges.
It’s a practical process. It's has a pragmatic approach.
And most importantly it's proven to work.
We reach for these when needed and are applied individually
or combined to achieve particular goals.
These include Nitty Gritty, Bench Mark, Tune In and SOS.
Aidan Rooney
Aidan Rooney Director Jaw-dropping vistasSharing his last rolo
Citizen Kano
Song Sheet
Matt Draycott
Matt Draycott Designer The rush of sugarHair grips